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How to bet on figure skating?

Betting on figure skating in bookmaker companies

Competitions are held among pairs (dance and sport pairs), in men’s and women’s singles skating. Athletes have to show compulsory and free skating programs. The team of judges gives them marks. Points are summed up and the overall total result is derived. Technical elements and artistry are evaluated.

As a rule, medals are awarded to the leaders. They have the highest ratings, and they usually become the winners.

Nuances of bets on figure skating

Bookmaker’s offices provide fairly complete lists to all major tournaments. The main types of bets are bets on the winner and medalists in the tournament and in individual programs. Bets on point totals and “who’s higher” bets are accepted.

When analyzing the line on figure skating, the rating of the skaters and their results at previous tournaments should be taken into account.In this complex sport, many people often get injured. The rehabilitation period does not always go smoothly. As a result, some skaters perform with unhealed injuries. This can have a negative impact on the result of performances. This point must be kept in mind when placing a bet with the bookmaker.


  • A very great influence on the performance of pairs have coaches. Good coaches are always excellent psychologists. They are able to turn an average athlete into a champion. Although they did not do well in singles.
  • A qualified coach is able to smooth over all the contradictions between the skaters performing in pairs. Therefore, one should pay attention to the skaters’ relationships. They often influence their performances.


As for the singles competitions, skaters who have the highest technique in performing the most difficult elements most often become champions. Their program is always full of difficult triple and quadruple jumps. If they are not prone to frequent injuries, they usually occupy the highest places.

It should be understood that figure skating is a subjective sport. Judges’ opinions do not always coincide with the evaluations of experts. Often the favorites are overestimated and the middles and outsiders underestimated. There are no goals and seconds. That is why figure skating is often accompanied by loud scandals at the Olympics and World Championships.

Total points

It is best to bet on the favorites and on the total points. Predicting other positions is quite difficult. The level of average athletes is about the same. How they will perform at a particular tournament depends not only on their form, but also on the mood of the judges.

A more objective assessment is always made in the compulsory program. Here the athlete must perform a specific set of elements. Judges evaluate the technique of each element. In the free program more subjective evaluations.

In Addition

Figure skating – not the easiest sport to bet. From the player requires a clear understanding of its rules, as well as the ability to understand the hierarchy of athletes. Usually the strongest win here. Randomness can happen, but not as often as in the sport of games.

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