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Dog racing: how does it work? Is there any chance to win?

How does it work?

In front of the dogs, they launched a hare, which served as bait. After that, the race started. The winner was the dog that was the first to reach the finish line.

Later, the organizers of the competition began to use greyhounds. The hare was replaced by a mechanical bait. It is very similar to the hare, so dogs with the same excitement catch up with it. Before the start of the races, the animals are kept in special booths. After the judge waves off, the door is opened and the participants run out easily.

Nuances in betting

Bookmakers provide quite a few options for betting on dog racing. Large offices try to cover not only the most prestigious, but also regional competitions. The most popular bet is on the winner of the race. There are also bets on the dogs that won prizes in the slates.

You can bet on the dog that will take first or second place in the race. You can specify the greyhound that will finish in the first two places on the game slip. One version of this bet involves specifying the exact places of the dogs, while the second does not require specifying the final places. There are also bets on the first three and four.

Some bookmakers take bets on the dog that wins several races in a row.

Line analysis on dog racing

Competitions usually start at 2 p.m. You can bet on dog races a few minutes before the start of the race, or you can bet a few days and hours in advance. What should be considered first? You should pay attention to the distance of the races. Not all dogs perform the same at different distances. Some are very good at running the short ones, while others specialize in the long ones.

There are several classes of races. Dogs of different levels compete in them. If a greyhound often wins races in its class, it is promoted to the next, more prestigious class. This point should be taken into account. The statistics of the races in the previous class will not be so useful that you can make predictions based on it.

Analyze of  the statistics

All nuances must be considered when analyzing the statistics. If betting on winners or medalists for the short distances, you should figure out which dogs start the best. There are such statistics. With its help, you can understand which participants may have an advantage in the first meters of the distance.

Statistics on unsuccessful races where the dogs either did not make it to the finish line, collided with other competitors or broke the rules and had their results invalidated would be very helpful.

Number of races

The number of races in which the dog participates should be taken into account. If an animal has too dense a calendar it is hard to count on consistently high results. Often, even after a few races won, such dogs have a slump and show mediocre and poor results.

There are some dogs who run better on the outside lap and others who run faster on the inside lap. It is very important to consider starting positions and to know which track the greyhound will run.

  • The weather has a certain influence on the results. Favorites usually show the best seconds in good conditions. 
  • The unexpected happens in rainy weather, when the advantage of the leaders is leveled.

Brief summary:

  • Betting on dog racing can be considered a good source of income. 
  • It is important to find the offices that offer favorable odds for competitions in this discipline. 
  • For successful betting, it is mandatory to watch the competitions.

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