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Have you tried the Norwegian Knipsekasse slot?

Find a more classic slot machine than the Norwegian Knipsekasse. It appeared in 1937 and attracted the attention of thousands of players – for decades it dominated over other gambling games, despite their active development. After all, in those years appeared one-armed bandits, video poker and in general developed the sphere of casinos and card games.

Perhaps no adult Norwegian who would not remember Knipsekasse. This is not surprising, because in a population of just over 4 million people (in 1990), there were about 10,000 of these slots!

Unfortunately, the Knipsekasse era ended in 2007. The first reason was the introduction of a new currency that was not supported by the old slot machines, followed by new regulations regarding lottery operations. And at the turn of the millennium, the once legendary game left Norway. But gambling entertainment in the country remained and over time moved online, as detailed by

How to play Knipsekasse?

Knipsekasse is a simple and incredibly addictive game that has often been called “The Crown”. Its essence is the following: in vertical rows were placed coins, which to the bottom collided with small obstacles before falling out into the tray. The player’s task was to calculate the force and throw a coin from the right side of the machine to get into one of the rows and thereby move the row of coins down, and thus into the tray.

Each coin toss had several outcomes:

  • The coin toss pushed the row and only one coin fell out. In this case, the player was left with his own – but no one ever stopped there;
  • the coin hit the lock – yes, in addition to the established barriers to the coin, there were also “deadlocks”, which simply took the coin;
  • the tossing of a coin caused a real avalanche – the coins came off one by one, sliding between the barriers, creating a nice sound in the tray.

Despite the avalanche of coins, the size of the winnings was still not so large and reached only seven crowns, which is incomparable with modern slot machines. But there is another difference – in today’s games, everything is decided by chance from start to finish, while Knipsekasse required the use of force. You got in the right row – you got crowns, you didn’t throw hard enough – you left a coin for the other lucky players.

A little history of Knipsekasse

Despite the fact that by description the Knipsekasse can be attributed to the Norwegians – mighty Vikings, forcefully throwing coins into the “Crown”, this machine originated in Finland. Enterprising Finns took as a basis an old German game called Bajazzo (a clown catches a ball falling from above into his hat) and created their own analog – Pajatso.

In 1937 it made its way to Norway, where after minimal modifications it became the legendary Knipsekasse. Mostly the automatons were represented by the Red Cross and Salvation Society charitable organizations. The machines were installed everywhere: in hotels, restaurants, gas stations, stores, and other places. Their popularity could be gauged by their gross revenue report for 1990 – 194,000,000 NOK!

Unibet revives a legend

Many will remember not only Knipsekasse, but also the more common classic slot machines around the world like Jackpot 6000, Super Nudge 6000 or Mega Joker. All of them eventually migrated to the Internet expanses and are now available at almost every online casino. The developers Microgaming and NetEnt paid the most attention to the transfer of popular slots.

Is it possible to transfer Knipsekasse to the monitor screen? Yes, and today only one online casino Unibet has an online version of the legend.

The game is exactly the same as it was 80 years ago, although its porting did require some changes. First and foremost, it is possible to bet more than one crown, thanks to the option to increase the coin value. But some things had to be sacrificed as well. Things like strength and speed are difficult to implement, so the whole process is automated.

The gameplay is controlled by a random number generator. Thus, on the screen you see everything the same as on the real Knipsekasse, but whether the coin pushes another – decides the generator of random numbers. Players just see the visualization of the process – the fairness of the drawing is identical to other slot machines in Unibet Casino. So the chances are equal for all players – only luck will determine whether you win or not.

Play online – win more!

It’s no secret that modern slot machines have more potential to win than land-based one-armed bandits. Typically, physical slots had a potential return (RTP) of 50% – 60%. Today, games with such a return in online casinos simply do not exist. Even in the oldest machines, it holds at 95%, and the average is 96% – 98%.

The specific RTP for the online version of Knipsekasse is unknown, but we can safely assume that it is not less than 95%. Such speculation is based on the fact that Unibet casino operates in the legal field, having a license in all markets where gambling is offered under this brand. Which means that all of the slot machines on the platform are audited by both independent and government auditors. And they are unlikely to allow a game with an RTP below 95%.

Of course, live Knipsekasse has a special charm, but still, sometimes it’s nice to run this game on your computer. Especially now that the player has the possibility of almost unlimited winnings!

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