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Diaby-Fadiga says he stole Dolberg’s watch

Lamine Diaby-Fadiga says he stole Kasper Dolberg's
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Lamine Diaby-Fadiga has conceded he took previous Nice partner Kasper Dolberg’s £62,000 watch out of “envy”.

Dolberg, who joined Nice from Ajax in August, had his watch taken in the changing area after an instructional meeting on September 16 and announced the burglary to police.

Lamine Diaby-Fadiga

Lamine Diaby-Fadiga says he stole Kasper Dolberg’s watch out of ‘jealousy’

The 18-year-old, Diaby-Fadiga apologised to Dolberg, also posted a lengthy apology on Twitter.

“Following a few days of an exceptional media storm for me, I have chosen to talk by means of this announcement,” he tweeted.

“I might want to as a matter of first importance apologize to the fans and the individuals who love Le Gym [club’s nickname]. A great deal of them upheld me and demonstrated me generosity since I made my expert presentation, as a youth from the nearby locale who joined the club when I was 14. Their responses encapsulate the degree of frustration that they feel towards me and I owe them a few clarifications.

“I gladly wore the club of my youth’s shirt last season in Ligue 1. I was sadly harmed for a while and my arrival to aggressive activity was additionally deferred following a red card I got while playing for the U19s.”

 he stole Kasper Dolberg's watch out of 'jealousy'

“That influenced me rationally and my troublesome circumstance differentiated obviously the achievement and air of Kasper, my colleague. I took it out on him without having any motivation to do as such, perhaps a piece on account of envy. Rather than attempting to fight on the pitch to furnish him with rivalry for spots, I responded idiotically towards him.

“My moves were not made out of a craving to pick up something from it, however out of dislike, disappointment and feeling ruined. Obviously, I am just 18, however my age pardons nothing. I in this manner possessed up to what I had done to Kasper, Mr Fournier, the chief general of the club, Patrick Vieira, my mentor and Dante, my skipper. Individually, I was sorry to every last one of them.

Kasper Dolberg joined Nice from Ajax for £18.5m in August

Kasper Dolberg joined Nice from Ajax for £18.5m in August

“I additionally assumed on the liability of repaying my colleague completely, which I have now done. I wish him a great deal of progress at OGC Nice and in his profession. Perhaps one day we will run over one another on a pitch and this undertaking will be just a terrible memory.

“Presently, I am leaving the club where I had for the longest time been itching to succeed and have a good time, which for me is the best conceivable discipline. I thank every one of the individuals who had faith in me. I would like to have the option to demonstrate one day that they were correct and that I am worth more than what has occurred. Recovery for me will come on the football pitch and I currently need to focus on my enthusiasm, football.”

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